Bringing Together Birds of a Feather

CHICKS ON A BEACH is a brand new conference for chicks, poulets, hens and cocks of all feathers that want to leave lasting clawprints in the startup world.

Featuring presentations from hand-picked and notorious poultry experts from all across the world. COAB is the perfect place to come and share peckings and stories with new poultry friends in a two day get-together by the shores of splendid Boracay island in the Philippines.

  • Chicken Little
    End of the World Industries

    Chicken Little is a serial entrepreneur and founder of End of the World Industries. His vision has always been to forecast the coming end of the world, and now via his iPhone app - Crowing Rooster - you can get up to the minute news and information via push notifications. An in-app-purchase will unlock three exciting rooster rings tones as well as Chicken's own personal Hot Chicks wallpaper collection.

    Join him as he culminates this remarkable journey that the world has taken and hear his next prediction live on the beaches of Boracay!

  • Tweety Bird
    Bottom of the Cage Ventures

    Bottom of the Cage Ventures is a Silicon Valley based seed investment firm, which Tweety started in 1942, and built a community of 600+ bird startups, 200+ eagle investors, 200+ vulture capital (VC) investors, and 100+ bird seed stage investment partners. Since inception, Bottom of the Cage Ventures has been able to raise in excess of 1 billion seeds in bird seed investment and their startups have whited-out thousands of typos in newspapers around the world.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Foghorn Leghorn is the Founder of Chirper - a social network for the birds that leverages scalable technology and was deemed by to be the "best micro-chirping service on the wire". He previously founded SpamChimp, an email marketing tool that went viral with the bird flu.

  • Colonel Sanders

    We were just as skeptical when we heard the news, but this beak wouldn't lie - Colonel Sanders is back and is now working on a new non-profit startup to raise awareness for flock abuse around the world at This initiative helps birds of a feather stick together within an online community as well as secure microloans through their patent-pending platform: FlapStarter - for birds with trimmed wings.

  • And a whole lot more!

    The Geico Duck, RoadRunner, and of YouTube fame the Talking Parakeet

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Art on the Beach
Affordable art fair at Boracay, brought to you by COAB and the talented artists of the Philippines.

The Ocean is for Everyone
Swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, island hopping, parasailing, you name it, go do it.

The Inaugural Chick Games
September 28, 2013
Just like the Olympics but way better.

Shorts by the Shore
Short movie night at COAB! For your viewing pleasure we will be showing a selection of local and international short films on Boracay beach.

Fire Pitches
Tell everyone about the next big thing. Find partners, investors and fans to get your startup idea on the roll!

Relax and Unwind
Play some golf or enjoy a relaxing spa after a hot day under the sun.

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